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Get hands-on experience in our 16-24 weeks internship program and work in a game-changing startup afterwards.

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What is Nouava Academy

An experiential learning opportunity where you gain skills by doing real world jobs. You will discover potential job areas and valuable networks in Iran’s startup ecosystem.

Areas of interest

  • Product Design
  • Growth Marketing
  • DevOps
  • BI & Data
  • Legal
  • Investment
  • Talent Management
  • Business Development

Why You Should Apply

  • Startups are fun and challenging to work, start a career, and thrive to excellence.

  • Most of the skills you have acquired in university are not applicable to high-growth startups.

  • Nouava Academy is where you can develop the mindset and skills for Iran's startup ecosystem.

  • An opportunity to work on projects with real business impact, and put theories into practice.

MohammadHossein Rahmati
MohammadHossein Rahmati
Digikala BI Analyst
The program helped me fill my backpack with required skills and the mindset needed for the position. If you assume your talents are above average and you are eager enough to follow your beloved fields, Do not miss the shot.
Yasaman Yaghini
Yasaman Yaghini
Bamilo Product Owner
Nouava Internship programme was really useful for me to learn and improve my skills and abilities in various aspects throughout the path that was leading me towards the product management position.
Elmira Jamalian
Elmira Jamalian
Anetwork Quality Assurance
The great thing about being in Nouava is you meet the players of Iran’s web and mobile startups and make things happen with them. You are guaranteed to have a life transforming experience in Nouava Academy.

Who are we looking for

We are looking for fresh graduates out of school with a minimum set of skills in any of our areas of interest to join us in the training program.
You don’t need to be experienced, after all the internship is all about Learning and Gaining more Experience.

To come over for an internship, you should have:

  • High energy
    High energy
  • High motivation
    High motivation
  • Good attitude
    Good attitude

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I get after?

    First we will celebrate it properly. To help you further with your career as a product manager, data analyst, etc. your team lead will give you a "Recommendation Letter" and you are ready to embark on the rest of your journey.

  • How much does it cost?

    For a limited time we are offering scholarships for the participants in the internship program, You will get access to our network, learn the latest trends in the startups, get hands-on experience in the span of 4-6 months, all for FREE!

  • Where is the internship?

    Of course you will get the chance to work from Innovation Factory alongside Nouava’s team. You will also work with various startups to get to know the team and cultures. The food, tea, and all day around snacks is provided.


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